Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mattel Warehouse Clearance September 2013

Hi there peeps...

Did you heard about Mattel Warehouse Sale?? Actually it started last Thursday (26/9/2013)'s the detail about the is the last day so you still have time to shop...

I went to this sale with my 2 sisters...the sale actually started at 9.30..but we only reached the place around 12.30pm...the crowd was ok during that time...we managed to grab toys from Barbie, Polly Pocket, Disney Princess and Fisher Price within 20 minutes....but the payment queue was sooooo long because of the limited payment counter especially for those who wants to pay using credit card and there was only 2 cash counter....we queued nearly to 1 hour...(tips: for fast payment use cash)

Actually this is my 2nd time going this sale...the first sale that I went to was at Atria Damansara compared to the first sale that I went to..the stock of toys were much more lesser this time.....

The discount was around 40%-60% cheaper from the retail price. The brands include Barbie, Fisher Price, Polly Pocket, Disney Princess, Batman, Superman, Cars, Thomas The Train, Angry Bird, Hot Wheels and some other brands.

Anyway here some of the pictures taken during the sale...enjoy :)

Part of the crowd

Angry Bird Game


Fisher Price

The toys that I bought for Adriana

Adriana the happy camper :)

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