Monday, May 13, 2013

I'm Back!!!

As salam peeps....

Sorry for the longgggg hiatus....

Wahh it's been a while since I updated my blog

Actually I've been very busy with my study ...hence the lack of update and at the same time I'm quite active in instagram...

I just finished analyzing my qualitative data and now slowly doing my thesis write up as well as finishing my interview phase.

Hmmmm apa lagi cite menarik family and I went for Umrah last February for 2 weeks.

Alhamdulillah ...syukur sgt2...Allah have given us rezeki to perform Umrah...the last time I went for Umrah was in 2002..time tu student this I went together with my hubby, daughter, parents, my lil' sis n my grandma. Insyaallah will share some pictures later..

Orait till then...feeling sleepy ...coz now it is 10.40pm....need to get my beauty sleep..kononnyelah....nite2.. are some of my Umrah pictures

Us at the Hajj Terminal waiting for the custom checked

At the Hajj Terminal (fr left my mama, Adriana, my grandma n my sis)

At the hotel...getting ready to perform Umrah

After tawaf around 1 am

Adriana busy drawing after tawaf

View of the Masjidil Haram from our room

At the food court

Adriana at the hotel corridor..getting ready for our 2nd Umrah

Inside Masjidil Haram

After Subuh prayer

My sis n my mama

My grandma n me

In front of Zam Zam Tower

Infront of the Masjidil Haram...currently the mosque is on a major renovation

Hubby, my sis n my dad at the hotel lobby

4 generations

At Jabal Rahmah...where Adam and Hawa meet

During saie

At the Camel farm

In front of the mosque after Isya' prayer

After Isya prayer

Inside the Zam Zam Mall

At the hotel entrance before we depart to Madinah

Inside Masjidil Nabawi after Asar prayer

Outside the Masjidil Nabawi....look at the crowd

In front of the entrance

Us waiting for Isya' prayer

After ziarah wida...before we depart to Jeddah

At the Hajj Terminal waiting to check-in

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