Monday, September 17, 2012

Hari Malaysia + Open House + Birthday Party

Yesterday, 16th September.......

We Malaysian celebrated Hari Malaysia....
It was also the last day of Syawal.....

So semua org pun berebut nak buat open house this weekend and I actually attended my friends and neighbours open house on Saturday and yesterday.....mmg asyik makan jerlah for the last 2 days..takpe rezeki...alhamdulillah. At the same time you get to meet your relavites and friends kan...yg dah lama tak jumpa :).

Yesterday jugak, my aunty invited us to attend my cousin's 8th Birthday Party...mmg semlm event makan2 dari tengahari sampai here are some of the pictures during the birthday party. The party theme was Arts and Craft.

Buffet Table

Cupcakes and rice puffs

Adriana with her little uncle Adam and Tok Cu

Kids doing their painting

Birthday cake

The kids master piece

Adriana with her own master piece

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