Thursday, November 24, 2011

My Sister's Wedding Part 1

 Asssalamualaikum....and how are u peeps doin?

Sorry for not much updates in my blog for these few months....
I don't know what happened to me...coz tiba2 syndrom kemalasan melanda hehe...
To tell you the truth nak kata takde bende nak cerita actually ada... a lot of events n things happened these few months....and one of it is my sister's wedding. 

Her solemnization ceremony was held on the 11.11.11 (nice date rite ;) ) and the reception was on the next day, 12.11.11. Solemnization was done at my parent's house in Bandar Bkt. Mahkota Bangi and the reception pulak was held at Bkt. Mahkota Clubhouse. Our family theme colour was Purple...actually we were thinking of Royal Purple...but it's kinda difficult for everybody to get the rite color for their baju's....asalkan karer purple kire oklah tu :)

The catering was done by Siti Caterer...alhamdulillah the food was yummy and the service is good. At the clubhouse my brother even sponsored cendol from D' Cendol Pulut Tapai ( ...mmg cendol depa sedap and their specialty is the 'Gula Durian' which you choose a part from the normal 'Gula Melaka'...mmg terbaikkkk

Ok enough of the story mory...lets enjoy the pictures



Signage designed by Mr Hubby

 Hantaran from our side

 Hubby n Adriana

 The 'dulang girls' with the bride

 Adriana with her aunty Shikin

 Shikin, yours truly n Adriana

 Pelamin nikah

 During the akad

 With aunty n cuzzies

 Adriana with her uncles n aunties


 The groom side's family

 My family without my lil' sis

 Hantaran from the Groom's side

~~~ To be continued ~~~

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