Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jalan-jalan...cuci mata

Yesterday afternoon went to the Gardens MidValley...saje jalan2 with hubby n Adriana...went to watch the latest cartoon movie 'Rio'...mmg best sgt plus hilarious...and as usual kalau pi mall tu mesti nak cuci mata punye. So since I'm at the Gardens, i like to pay a visit to my fav shoes store...Fiorucci n kebetulan on the best buy shelf ada pulak wedges...so apa lagi i tried it on and wallahhh...mmg comfy sgt..so apa lagi i pun 'terbelilah' wedges ni ...FYI most of Fiorucci's shoes are made of leather, that is why the price range is from rm200-rm400...tapi kat fiorucci store ni ade a few shoes which are on best buy shelf but with limited sizes..starting from rm50-rm169..do check it out

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