Friday, January 7, 2011


Sorry for being silent for few days....

I hope is not to late  to wish my families, friends and the rest of my blog readers...a very 


to all of you :)

Hello 2011 and goodbye 2010 with bitter n sweet memories that 
i shall remember for the rest of my life... 

How time really flies....

Hope that 2011 will make us be a good Muslim, be more productive,  bring good health, good fortune insyaallah and able to make and be the best in everything thing that we do. Amin.....

One of my new year resolutions are to stay focus on my PhD  and produce as many conference/journals papers... Amin...


1st January 2011 as marked the date of sister, Shikin' engagement day. So last week was a busy week for us the whole family...Biasalah bile nak kenduri mcm2 kene buat. 

My sis received 7 hantaran from her fiance side and we all balas balik with 9 hantaran. 
Her mini dais and hantaran was nicely done by Wani from KerjaKahwin. Kudos to them!! 

Congratulations to my Sis Shikin and her fiance, Nizarudin for their engagement. After this, the BIG DAY will be on the 11/11/2011...

Anyway enough saying... check out the pictures below...

Hantaran for the men's side done by KerjaKahwin

Sisters n Cuzzies


Mini Dais

Engagement discussin

Adriana n her aunty

My sis n me

My mom and Nizar's mom

We're engaged!!

Hantaran from the men's side...golddyy..


Add caption

Shikin with our grandma and cousin Nurin

Last but not lil' muchkin :)

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ZuRin said...

Yeah! The hantaran looks lovely. One of my hobby whenever attending engagement or weddings is to look at the hantaran...:)congrats to your sis..11.11.11 is a nice number too.


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