Friday, October 29, 2010

Mode: Ala-ala Busy has been a while since i wrote a long entry in my blog( hmm..pernah ke i tulih long entry?? hehe)....This couple weeks i have been pretty buzy with my research work...especially on the READING part where i need to read a lot of conference papers and journals.....From there I need to prepare my Gap Analysis.

The thing is when i found papers related to my research it makes me eager to print it.....tapi bile dah print banyak sangat ....ALAMAKKKK!!...banyaknye nak kene baca...READING is one thing...UNDERSTAND the papers is one thing...doing Phd is not as easy as it MUST have the determination, perseverance, do it. Being the lazy me...sometimes...i selalulah melalut2 buat keje lain yang tak related langsunggg with my howww???? This semester I have to prepare a new draft proposal and on the 24th of November there will be a Colloqium where we need to present on our progress for this semester....Well, wish me luck!! Semoga Allah memberi ku tahap kerajinan yang tinggi..AMIN...

p/s: Maybe some of you could you share your experiences with me during your study be it masters by research or phd. Manelah tau i bole apply balik tips2 yang berguna tu :)

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