Friday, December 4, 2009

Lewre and Alliance Cosmetics Warehouse Sale

I took annual leave and went to Lewre and Allied Cosmetics Warehouse Sales last Friday. It's quite near to my house which is in Shah Alam. Managed to grab 2 pairs of court shoes that cost only RM50 per pair..for me it's totally worth buying and a very good deal. My sis also sempat sambar 2 pairs of shoes also and one of her shoes only cost RM30...(Pic will be uploaded soon..stay tuned!)

After that, we went to Alliance Cosmetics Warehouse Sale. Ni pun another warehouse sale yang I suka pergi coz this is the time for me to stock-up my cosmetics. Brands that are available during this warehouse sale are Revlon, Silky Girl, Silky for Men, Stage, Elancyl and Avene...(Pic will be uploaded soon..stay tuned!


Nur Faziha said...

Eeeee...! Sangat jeles ok...! I never get the chance, coz I'm too far..! huhuh!!!

NINA said...



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